Setup Mts Mblaze Wireless Internet Connection In Ubuntu

After the fresh installation of Ubuntu, one of the first things you would want to do is update the release or get connected to internet for something else. If you have MTS MBlaze modem, you can get connected to internet in Ubuntu. Ubuntu supports a large number of modem hardware. You don't need to install drivers for it as you need to do in Windows with the setup given in the storage device of the wireless modem. But you do need to setup and configure it for use. This setup guides you through setting up the MBlaze modem in Ubuntu.

Setting up the Mblaze Modem


Plug in the modem into your Ubuntu system.


Start Network connections from System -> Preferences -> Network Connections. The Network Connections window opens up.

Network Connections


Open the 'Mobile Broadband' tab and click on 'Add'.

Add Connection


It will open up a window that follows through a wizard of creating the new connection. Press forward button after selecting your device (which will be automatically selected if it is properly inserted.

New Mobile Broadband Connection Select Device


Choose your country, and press Forward.

Choose Country


Select the service provider as MTS MBlaze.

Choose Provider


Press forward and confirm your settings by pressing apply.

Apply Settings


Now a window to edit the MTS Connection opens up. Here you can provide the username/password required to dial the connection. Give '' as username and 'MTS' as password.

Add Username Password


Save the settings and you are done. Remove the device from the port and reconnect it.
Now you can plug in the device any time and click the network icon in the notification area of the top panel to connect to MTS.

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