How to Setup Vesta Control Panel on Ubuntu 14.04 / 15.04

Hello and welcome to the new article on Vesta Open Source Web Hosting Control Panel. If you are going to use a web hosting control panel to make managing things quicker and easier with the availability of your required features then Vesta Control Panel is one of the best choice for you. You can use its control panel to manage email accounts, FTP accounts, file management functions, creation of sub domains, disk space monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, create backups and many more. VestaCP is extremely fast and light weight and focuses on minimalism and simple usability which is freely available for Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL and CentOS Linux distributions.

In this article we are going to show you the complete installation setup on Ubuntu 14.04 as its not supporting 15.04 as yet. After following this article you will be able to install and configure your fully functional Vesta Control Panel on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

System Update

Connect to your Ubuntu server as root user using SSH, Putty or CLI and configure the basic server parameters regarding firewall and SELinux setup, Security measures and its latest updates.

In Ubuntu, you can check the status of your firewall and enable it using the commands shown below.

# ufw status
# ufw enable

To update update or upgrade your ubuntu system if you are using an old release, make use of the following two commands.

# apt-get update
# apt-get upgrade

Download VestaCP Package

VestaCP comes with very simple and quick way to install on any Linux Distribution. Its provides us with its Installation script, that performs each and every necessary step that is required for its successful installation.

To download its installation script we will be using the curl command as shown below.

root@ubuntu-vcp:~# curl -O

Download VestaCP

Installing VestaCP

Before starting the installation make sure that no database server or web server is active on the system where you are going to start VestaCP setup, other wise your installation process will be stoped.

To start the installation process, run the bash script using below command.

root@ubuntu-vcp:~# bash

Upon successful execution of script the list of following packages will be installed on the system as shown in image.

VestaCP Installation

Once you have pressed "Y" key to continue, it will take about 15 minutes to complete the whole process while doing its installation of packages and required dependencies.

VestaCP Setup

After completing the installation of its packages including third party plugins, you will greeted with successful completion message about the Vesta Control Panel setup along with its web login details.

VestaCP Installation

Vesta CP Web Login

To access the web console of Vesta Control Panel, you can use your servers's IP along with its default port "8083" with its provided credentials and make sure the its default port is allowed in the firewall.


VestaCP Login

After providing the right credentials you will be directed to the Dashboard of Vesta Control Panel. This was the achievement that for what we have done this setup. Now from here you can easily manage multiple Web hosting accounts.

VestaCP Dashboard


The Vesta CP supports Apache & Nginx out of the box. It's easy to use, even for someone who is new to the world of hosting. It's one of the newest Control Panel's out there, that is a quite good to be adopted. It is easy to add clients and easy to manage them. The hosting system of VestaCP is built around packages where you set up what your clients get. You can also add your own or edit the existing packages that the system is pre configured with. We hope after following this tutorial, you got the objective of this article. Let's enjoy using Open Source Vesta Control Panel and feel free to get back to us by leaving us your valuable comments.

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  1. I know about Linux but I am more of GUI user. I dont know much of command prompt. so I m looking for control panel that can help me host websites that are mostly wordpress.
    I am confused between Vestacp and CentOS web panel. Which one is better?

    I see that centOS panel brings update every 3-4 months. But vestacp is very irregular. What one should I choose as a newbie.

    1. Hi Jaikee,

      VestaCP is lightweight with good performance level than CWP, but VestaCP is still missing IPv6 support while both have similar features. So, as a newbie I would prefer you to use VestaCP on Ubuntu for better GUI support.