Ubuntu 13.10 'Saucy Salamander' - New Features

Ubuntu made its latest update to version 13.10, the Saucy Salamander update on October 17th of this year. You can watch a video on it here.

Smart Scopes

The most notable change in this update is a web search in the dash called “Smart Scopes”.

Now when you search for things in your dash, Smart Scopes will search web sites, in addition to your own apps and files. Not to mention Smart Scopes will learn when you click on things, and cater your results based on past history. You can also make in dash payments by searching for something, then right clicking and selecting buy.

Smart scopes search the internet making the dash a powerful search tool.

This will lead you to a web page where you can make the purchase. If you are worried about personal information and security, this feature can easily be turned off by searching 'scope' in the dash, scrolling down to Ubuntu Store, and selecting disable.


When installing Ubuntu 13.10 you will be asked to sign in to, or create an UbuntuOne account. UbuntuOne is a cloud storage system that allows you to access files from multiple devices.

Ubuntu One allows you to store and share data between many devices over the cloud.

Ubuntu One comes with 5GB of free storage and costs $2.99 USD for every 20 GB after that.

Visual Changes

Saucy Salamander comes with the Unity Interface, however it is very easy to install your own preferred interface and get the look you want. In addition Saucy Salamanders includes some minor visual changes, such as the file system, which now has a darker background, and comes with 18 default desktop images.

Ubuntu 13.10 comes with 18 stunning wallpapers

Saucy Salamander is a small yet effective update. It is very user friendly and runs like a charm, even on older machines. If you are looking for a fast, and flexible OS, this is the one for you.


If you are interested, you can read for instructions on how to update Ubuntu to the latest.

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