Install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) - Welcome New Features

Ubuntu 14.04, code named Trusty Tahr is released as scheduled on April 17th of 2014, and is the newest version of the linux stable distribution distro. Server and desktop images are now available for download.

Installing 14.04 is a breeze.

First launch the Update Manager.

You can do this by searching for it in Unity by pressing the Superkey. Or by typing


in the terminal. The updater will check for the newest version of ubuntu and should allow you to upgrade right away!

Ubuntu has provided simple instructions on how to upgrade and more detailed instruction on how to update to 14.04 here.

Long Term Support

Ubuntu 14.04 is a LTS release, meaning it will have guaranteed support for up to five years.

Full release graph

Visual Changes

Ubuntu 14.04 brings a few changes to the visuals and design of Ubuntu. The following features were added.

  • Integrated Menus

    The option for locally integrated menus was added. Before the menus for every window were placed in the top menu bar of the screen. Now you can change this option in setting/appearances/behavior. The menu can now appear at the top of the window where it belongs. In addition some windows were previously allowed to break the common format having file, edit, and help options. Ubuntu 14.04 forces most, but still not all windows to follow this format

  • Unity Launcher

    The Unity Launcher bar can be shrunk all the way down to 16 pixels wide. Previously the launcher had a minimum size of 64 pixels. I like to keep my window as minimalist as possible and 16px is a great look.

  • Anti-Aliased Windows

    The windows are now anti-aliased, meaning they have rounded edges. In addition the windows have lost there 1px border. Two very small changes but together they really give your desktop that modern sleek look.

  • Improved Resolution

    Improved support for high-resolution displays comes from an improved version of Cairo, the software used to scale and render GTK and HiDPI screens. The newest version is currently available for trial download and we can hope to see the official release soon.

  • Re-sizing windows occurs in real time

    Perhaps one of the nicest visual changes is the ability for windows to re-size in real time. Before when you were resizing a window you were shown an orange footprint of the future window, but you had no idea of how the content would be effected. Now the windows change in real time!

  • New improved lock screen

    Ubuntu 14.04 comes with its own sleek and minimalist lock screen. In addition you can quickly lock your computer by pressing the super-key+l.

  • A new default desktop background.

    Of course every new version of Ubuntu rolls out with a new desktop background. This one may be my favorite so far. A very modern and beautiful color scheme goes perfectly with this new update.

  • New application icons (Very cool!)

    Finally Ubuntu 14.04 has a new set of icons. These icons have a bit of a flat new age look and it puts the cherry on top of the sundae of visual changes.

New Icons

New Default Background

Local Menus Option

Other Changes

Ubuntu 14.04 has lots of little fixes and improvements all over the place. These include

  • Sound to 110%

    You can now turn the sound in ubuntu all the way to 110%.

  • Text filtering For Spread

    Pressing super-key + w will bring up a spread of all your current windows. In ubuntu 14.04 you can chose which window to move to by beginning to type its name. Ubuntu will then jump to which ever window you are targeting.

  • Type ahead and backspace in Nautilus

    The newest version of Nautilus included in 14.04 will be reintroducing type ahead search rather than search while you type and has reverted the purpose of the backspace key back to what is should be, go back.

  • TRIM enabled by default for SSDs

    If you have an Intel Samsung with SSD's you will enjoy the new addition of TRIM. TRIM wipes data that computer finds useless keeping your SSD lighting fast. Ubuntu plans to expand this to incorporate more SSD brands.

  • The Usual Programs

    Ubuntu 14.04 comes with the latest builds of the usual programs, including Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, Shotwell, ScreenCapture, and more,

Software Updates

Ubuntu 14.04 ships with kernel version 3.13 which has many improvements including the following,

    • A scalable block layer for high performance SSD storage
    • power management support for many AMD Radeon devices
    • Power capping framework
    • Support for the Intel Many Integrated Core Architecture
    • Improved performance in NUMA systems
    • Improved page table access scalability in hugepage workloads
    • Squashfs performance improved
    • Applications can cap the rate computed by network transport layer

You can read all about kernel 3.13 here

Final Thoughts

Ubuntu 14.04 may be the greatest version on Ubuntu yet. The system is built on top of a very strong foundation, and the User Interface is really getting ironed out into a beautiful OS. The software behind the screen is advanced and as updated as ever, with new improvements in memory and screen resolution and more.

14.04 is a great operating system for new and advanced users alike. Not to mention, it's 100% free, and has a ton of support online! What features are you most excited about? Did we forget any? let us know below!

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