What are the Different Text Editors for Ubuntu

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A myriad of text editors are available for Ubuntu, and if you use them well, you may as well join the expert group of Linux code developers. In the article, we will look at some of the best text editors for Ubuntu 18.04 that you can use to take programming to the next level. A reliable text editor should guide you through features such as auto-complete, plugins and many other features that simplify programming tasks.

1) Geany

geany best text editors for ubuntu

Geany is lightweight and simple to use a text editor that is within the repositories of almost all distributions. The application uses the GTK+ toolkit to give the best setting for coding. The characteristic features on Geany are plugins and sentence highlighting among others.

Geany boasts of supporting many other languages used in coding. The user interface is simple and harbors several customizing options, which will blend with your own needs.

2) Atom

Atom text editor

Atom is a free application developed by GitHub. An editor with so many features that fits the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Its interface is the most modern and customizable user interface by installing themes and custom styling.

Atom supports famous languages like the C++, C, C# HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Perl, Python among others.

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3) Bluefish Editor

Bluefish editor best text editors in Ubuntu

The team behind this text editor is the Bluefish Dev Team. It supports development in programming languages like CSS, PHP, C, SQL, Java, Python, HTML, C++, and many others. This program is a lightweight and straightforward editor that can apply in any IDE. You can highlight syntax, perform auto-completion, and do auto-recovery are some of the features you will come across.

4) Nano

Nano is an open-source covered by the GNU license. It was developed using the basic C programming languages. Initially, it was for use in UNIX computing environment or any Operating System using the command line interface.
The features found include search and replace, auto-indentation, go to the line and column number.

5) Gedit

gedit text editor

Gedit is a straightforward and user-friendly text editor that is preloaded on Ubuntu. It is lightweight and can support various IDE features. Programming languages supported are XML, HTML, C++, Python, Java, etc.
Characteristic features include syntax highlighting and simple graphical user interface. You can also download plugins and install them manually.

6) Brackets

brackets text editor

Brackets is an open-source editor developed by Adobe Systems. It forms one of the most modern IDEs with a very simple user interface. Additional features are installed through plugins. Features found here include live preview, inline editing, and additional plugins.

7) Vim

vim text editor

Vim is short for Vim IMproved. Vim can be a stand-alone or as a command line interface.

vim editor

8) Kate

Kate text editor

Kubuntu uses default text editors and is a very popular text editor for Kubuntu users. Kate is a fast and straightforward editor that works just like any other IDE platform. Kate is open to many programming languages.

9) Sublime Text

sublime text editor

Sublime Text is a source code editor when editing C++ and Python with an Application programmer's interface. It is lightweight and simplified to favor application developers. The features contain many basic features and auto-indentation, syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and advanced features like Minimap, Keyboard Shortcuts, Command Palate, Split Editing, and others.

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That summarizes the best text editors for Ubuntu and help you can implement in many applications that require coding. Please do not hesitate to share your views or any other experience that you have had with similar or different editors.

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  1. "Kate is fast ..." is a gross understatement. Kate can handle a 200,000-page text file with spit-view enabled like butter. The only other editor that can touch Kate for speed is Vim itself. Atom will stumble all over itself attempting to simply open such a file. Gedit likewise embarrasses itself.

    - John


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