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  • pbis ubuntu
    How to Install Rundeck on Ubuntu 20.04

    Rundeck is a free open-source software for automation services. It gives self-service access to the processes and tools they need to get their job done. Using Rundeck you can create automation[…]

  • pbis ubuntu
    How to Install Microsoft Edge on Ubuntu [GUI and Terminal]

    Developed by Microsoft, Microsoft Edge is a cross-platform, feature-rich, and modern-age browser designed for a smooth and fast browsing experience. Microsoft Edge is a remarkable improvement from the Internet Explorer[…]

  • pbis ubuntu
    How to Rename Multiple Files in Linux

    In a Linux system, you can easily rename a file using mv command. But, if you have multiple files which you want to rename, in this situation you need some[…]

  • pbis ubuntu
    Top 9 Best Download Managers for Linux

    With the help of a download manager, users can easily download files from the Internet. It can be built into a Web browser, or as a stand-alone manager. Operating systems[…]

  • pbis ubuntu
    How to Install TensorFlow on Ubuntu 20.04

    Tensorflow is an open-source platform for machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is developed by the Google Brain team. It contains tools, libraries, and community resources for developers to build[…]

  • pbis ubuntu
    How to Find Which Package a File Belongs in Linux

    Linux package is a compressed file archive that contains all files belonging to specific applications. In some situations, you may need to find the package name belonging to a file.[…]

  • pbis ubuntu
    How to Install and Run Lynis on Ubuntu Linux

    Lynis is an open-source and trusted security auditing tool designed for Linux, macOS, and UNIX derivatives such as FreeBSD and OpenBSD. It is used for a number of purposes including[…]

  • pbis ubuntu
    16 Best Compression Tools in Linux

    Compressing and decompressing files is a day-to-day activity of the system administrator and normal Linux users. Compression not only saves disk space but reduces data transmission and bandwidth. Most of[…]

  • pbis ubuntu
    How to Add a User to Sudoers in AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux

    Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux are the top replacement Operating system for CentOS. This project came into existence once CentOS moved from an enterprise-stable operating system to an upstream development branch[…]

  • pbis ubuntu
    How to Configure Jenkins with SSL Behind Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04

    Jenkins is an open-source tool automation tool to set up the entire software delivery pipeline -continuous delivery. This enables developers to manage and control software delivery processes throughout the entire lifecycle[…]