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  • What are the Best Linux Distros for 2020 In this tutorial, we shall focus on the 10 + 1 best Linux distributions for the year 2020 for new and experienced users. As per distrowatch below are the top[…]
  • Gzip and Keep Original File in Linux Gzip command by default delete the original file and replace it with a new compressed file with .gz extension. In this article, I am going to show you how to[…]
  • How to Use Docker Run Command [Beginners Guide] The docker run command is used to launch and run containers. Learning how to use docker run command is a recommendation for any developers who want to get familiar with[…]
  • 4 Ways to Check Which Shell You are Using on Linux Out of the box, Linux provides a wide variety of shells. There is bash (Bourne Again shell) shell which ships by default in many Linux distributions. We also have sh[…]
  • Awk Command in Linux AWK is one of the most powerful command in Linux. You can manage data and generate reports using the awk command. It also allows us to use logical operation, variables,[…]
  • How to Create Linux Swap File One of the recommended ways of boosting your server's performance and avoiding running out of memory is by creating a swap space or swap file. Swap is virtual memory located[…]
  • 12 Best Tools to Connect Linux Remote Desktop A remote desktop is a software that allows a computer system’s desktop environment to be run by another computer system. Remote desktop environments are used in organizations where applications are[…]
  • 13 Cool Things to Do with Linux Linux is an open-source operating system that allows you to run almost every major web development language available. You don't need to pay for any software installation and you can[…]
  • Auto-cpufreq - CPU Speed and Power Optimizer for Linux Systems This guide, we explore yet another monitoring tool - auto-cpufreq - a CPU speed and power optimizer. In an earlier article, we looked at a user-friendly resource monitor known as[…]
  • How to Install Zsh on Linux This tutorial shows how to install zsh and configure 'Oh my zsh' framework on the Linux machine. Z shell (Zsh) is one of the most powerful shell interpreters which is[…]
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