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How to Install GNOME 3.16 On Ubuntu, Mint and Arch Linux

GNOME 3.16 is out now with many exciting attributes. Its new features include improvements in the areas of User Interface, Nautilus File manage, Overlay Scrollbar, Mutter, Control Center, Gaming and and Documents viewing. Not only improvements to the exiting features, but many new have been added in this new version. We have already covered its prominent […]

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Much Awaited GNOME 3.16 Released With Lots of Awesome Features

GNOME is a well known Desktop Environment, which aims on simplifying the use of Linux computer Systems. Much awaited GNOME 3.16 is released today and announced by Matthias Clasen. With lots of improvements in redesigned notifications, a new shell theme, new scrollbars, and a refresh for the file manager , Image Viewer, Music, Photos and […]

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A Peep into Process Management Commands in Linux

A program in execution is called a process. While a program is an executable file present in storage and is passive, a process is a dynamic entity comprising of allocated system resources, memory, security attributes and has a state associated with it. There can be multiple processes associated with the same program and operating simultaneously […]

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4 Tools to Securely Delete Files from Linux

Any computer user with normal level skill set knows that any data removed from computer system can be recovered later with little bit of efforts. This is a good thing in the scenario when you have accidentally deleted your critical data. But in most cases, you don't want your private data to be recovered easily. Whenever we […]

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How to Host Open Source Code Repository in github

Hi all, today we will be learning how to host Source Code of Open Source Software in the repository hosted by . GitHub is a web-based Git repository hosting service, which offers all of the distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git as well as adding its own features. It provides […]

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Install Gibbon - An Open Source School / College Management System

Gibbon is an open source, free and highly flexible education management system. It helps teachers and students to address and solve daily problems. This tool alone caters the needs for all four pillars of educational system (administration, teachers, parents, and students). It provides refreshing and intuitive web interface to teachers, and students where they can […]

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How to Interactively Create a Docker Container

Hi everyone, today we'll learn how we can interactively create a docker container using a docker image. Once we start a process in Docker from an Image, Docker fetches the image and its Parent Image, and repeats the process until it reaches the Base Image. Then the Union File System adds a read-write layer on top. That […]

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